Beautifully Crafted Fretwork Panels

Bespoke and hand-painted fretwork panels are a stand out feature to complement any commercial space or home as a divider, wall décor or item of furniture providing the WOW factor finish.

Fretwork Panels In Production and Finished

Every design can be different, so our design team get straight to work, listening and making sure the clients are part of the thought process working with their ideas to get the right result first time.

We have an extensive catalogue of designs and are always adding to the range to suit any style or requirements. But like a lot of projects customers will have their own designs which we can accommodate. All we need is an Ai, CAD or DWG file type sent to our design team for them to get in touch to discuss customer requirements and setting expectations.

Once the fretwork design has been approved, we move onto getting it cut on our state of the art CNC machine that matches every bit of detail in the chosen design.

We also have a range of finishes and colours once the fretwork panel has been cut.

For more information, get in touch with me at for a no-obligation Fretwork panel chat.

Look out for our newest fretwork design coming early Jan 2020!