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Homag Centateq N-500

The Homag Centateq N-500 is one of our biggest investments and has some key features which allow us to produce high-quality work extremely efficiently:


In-built nesting software ensures the best use of material, saving on costs

Nesting software arranges the required quantities of individual parts to be cut from flat stock, such as wood sheets. Using complex algorithms, the software works out the best way to arrange the parts to be cut so that there is minimum wastage of material and the tool cutting path is the most efficient. This means we can save you money on material costs and machine running time.


Working field size 3100mm x 1550mm x 100mm high

We can cut from sheets up to 10’ x 5’, giving us greater flexibility when it comes to nesting your parts. All processing tools can reach all areas of the cutting bed. A maximum cutting field height of 100mm means we can produce 3D relief cuts and work with a wide range of materials in a variety of thicknesses.


8-place tool changing system

We can program complex cutting using up to 8 different tools all in the same run without having to stop and manually change the tooling. As a result, we can produce complex items quickly and efficiently, saving you money on machine running time.


Fast cutting

Our machine can cut at a speed of up to 96m/ min, which makes cutting simple shapes incredibly quick and easy, and more complex shapes cut in a fraction of the time. Shorter machine running times mean lower costs and more efficient production, which means shorter turnaround times for you.


Vacuum bed and extraction

Sheets for cutting are held in place by vacuum. The vacuum reduces the need for setting up clamps, which makes the process faster. The bed can be programmed to only create vacuum suction in the areas of the bed that are being used, keeping our energy costs down. We have inbuilt extraction, so the sawdust generated during cutting is immediately removed, meaning we can keep our cuts clean.


4.5 axis cutting

With a 4.5 axis machine, the directions for cutting are extremely flexible. In practical terms, this means we can create angled cuts in most directions, all in one program and machine run.

Homag DrillTek V-200

This Vertical CNC Processing Center can be used for drilling, trimming and grooving, and is particularly useful for end boring.


Wide range of drilling and routing options

Our vertical CNC machine has spaces for up to 8 vertical high-speed drilling spindles, and a further 6 horizontal drills (4 in the X-direction, 2 in the Y-direction). This means that we can drill holes into the front face and all four sides within one machine run, making the process extremely efficient.

The machine also has a grooving saw in the X-direction, which gives us the option to quickly and easily cut a straight groove in the front face of the panel.

We have also invested in the addition of a router motor, which allows us to route out curves and small areas on the front face of the panel.


Workpiece dimensions up to 2500mm x 850mm x 60mm thick

From a minimum workpiece size of 200mm x 70mm x 12mm, most pieces can be machined.


Machining speed of up to 50m/min

With drilling speeds of 50metres per minute in the X-Y direction, this machine makes quick work of boring holes in the sides of a cut panel.



Panels are held in place with a clamp at the bottom during machining. This means there is no loss of suction and hence no risk of movement during the process.

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Couldn't ask for more.”

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“Yes, it was great thank you. It went together really well and everyone is really pleased with it. Thank you very much for manufacturing it and delivering it on time. Hopefully, we will give you more notice next time!”

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“Performance rating 5 out of 5 stars. We have only been dealing with 3D Solutions for a couple of months. But during this period we have found all the team are very knowledgeable and helpful at all times.”

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“Yes, everything was all good thanks. We are installing the oval lights this week so will send you some images next week once they are installed so you can picture how the ovals you cut for us fit in with the whole lightbox.”

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“5 out of 5 stars. The whole process was really good, and at every stage, the help we received was good.”

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“Just to say the fretwork has arrived safe and well and looks incredible! Many thanks for your help with this, we really appreciate your patience, we got there in the end.”

Artist for National Trust Commission


“The table top that you made for me was perfect. The customer is delighted and I am so relieved. So many thanks to you and your staff for the lovely accurate work that you did for us.”

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We are justifiably proud of our machines.

To ensure we continue to provide a fast, efficient, reliable and cost-effective service, we have a programme of continuous investment in our staff and equipment. Using our range of high-quality, precision cutting and finishing facilities, we can offer an end-to-end cutting and machining service.