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Fretwork panel designs

Choose from a selection of readymade designs to your exact size and specification and with a selectable border width.

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Design Inspiration

Traditionally, fretwork panels have a geometric, repeating design.  Celtic designs, with their beautiful, complex knot patterns, are frequently used as inspiration for fretwork panels.  Moorish, Arabic, Turkish and other oriental patterns are also excellent sources of designs.  Perhaps surprisingly, mathematics can also create some attractive designs, whether it is a simple geometric design based on squares, or a more complex pattern using sequences such as the Fibonacci series.  As computer-aided design techniques become ever more sophisticated, more people are turning to nature for their inspiration, and organic designs based on ferns, leaves, trees and flowers can be very effective.

Try adding a mirror or LED lighting behind a wall-mounted fretwork panel for an extra-special decorative effect.

We are happy to produce your own bespoke design – if you can draw it, or show us an image, we can probably cut it, so challenge our design team with your creativity and give us a call!


The most popular material we use for fretwork panels is MDF.  This is easy to cut and can be sanded and sprayed with primer ready for you to add a top coat colour of your choice.  MDF makes a sturdy dividing screen, decorative wall panel or fretwork mirrored door.

For a distinctive decorative panel, acrylic offers a range of colour options and effects.  Fretwork panels can be made in acrylic as thin as 5mm, and a particularly striking effect can be achieved with transparent or translucent acrylic backlit with LED lighting.

An unusual but effective decorative option is to cut designs from foamed PVC.  This offers a vast range of colour options, and because the material is lightweight, it is easy to fix safely to a wall.  Foamed PVC is less susceptible to damage as people pass because of its spongy texture, so it stays looking good for longer.


Fretwork panels can be used for a variety of purposes.  We have made panels to be used for:

  • Large scale artwork on a stretch of wall in an office
  • Decorative panels for the wall of a mosque
  • Privacy screens between booths in an Indian restaurant
  • Backlit bar front
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles
  • Radiator covers
  • Room dividers
  • Small scale framed fretwork for hotel wall decoration

Panels made in acrylic or foamed PVC are ready to mount and display.  Timber panels may need sealing and finishing. 

If you are planning to paint your panels, a good choice of material is moisture-resistant MDF (known as MRMDF).  Its dense structure give a well-defined cut so your design is clear.  Once sanded, the moisture-resistant properties mean it is easier to paint than ordinary MDF because the paint doesn’t sink into the material.  It is best to give the panels a couple of coats of primer, sanding between each coat, then finish with a top coat in your choice of colour.  Take advantage of our in-house spray shop and let us prime and paint your panels for you!

Coloured MDF can be used in place of painting and is more cost effective, as you only need to coat with clear lacquer.  However the colour choices are fairly limited.

We can construct a frame around your fretwork made from Tulipwood or similar material if required.  This adds stability to the structure if you are using the fretwork panel as a screen or room divider.

Ordering and Pricing

We make all our fretwork panels to order, so there are no standard sizes and costs.  We base our prices on the cost of the materials, the size of the panels, and of course the machine and labour costs.  If you would like to send us an enquiry, please include the following information:

  • Material including thickness (e.g. 12mm MDF)
  • Size and quantity of panels
  • Design

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