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For precision cutting intricate designs, take advantage of our laser cutting service.  We can work with sheet sizes up to 1200mm x 900mm and up to 20mm thick.  Working with wood products and plastic based materials, we can produce a wide range of items, such as:


Point of Sale Displays


Engineering components




Artistic projects


Containment cases


Light fittings

Advantages of laser cutting

For large volume production runs, CNC routing is hard to beat for efficiency, but there are occasions where only laser cutting will achieve the result you want. 

  • Accuracy. While the cuts made by a CNC machine can only be as accurate as the diameter of the tool, our laser beam can be focussed to less than 0.01mm.  So for really precise cutting, it is best to use a laser. 
  • Internal corners. Because the tool used on a CNC router has a diameter (ours are usually 6-8mm), any internal corners will have a radius of approximately 3mm.  This appears as a slight curve on all the inside angles.  If you need an exact turn, such as a sharp right angle, then each of these would need to be filed down by hand.  However, due to the accuracy and cutting method used by the laser, all internal corners will be exact. 
  • Precision etching or engraving. The pinpoint accuracy of our laser means we can laser etch or engrave simple or complex designs onto a wide range of materials.  
  • Finished edges. If you cut acrylic with a laser, it leaves a clean, polished edge.  CNC routing leaves a dull, edge with machining marks that needs edge polishing afterwards to get the same result.  However, laser cutting wood leaves a scorched edge from where the laser has burnt through the material. 
  • Cutting thin or light material. Unlike the CNC router, there is no risk of the material moving while it is being cut on the laser.  Heavier materials are effectively held on the CNC machine bed by vacuum, but when the material is thin, or the cut pieces are small, there is a risk of it moving as the tool is drilling.  Because the laser cuts with a light beam, nothing actually touches the material, so it doesn’t move during the process. 
  • No risk of warping. The laser cutter uses an extremely focussed narrow beam of light to cut, so the heat affected zone is very small.  This reduces any risk of heat damage or warping of the material.  In comparison, the rapid rotation of the drill bit on a CNC router creates significant heat due to friction.

What material can be laser cut?

We can cut a huge range of non-metal materials, so if you have a project that is a little out of the ordinary just call us for advice. Below is a list of some of the materials that you can use for laser cutting:

•  MDF
•  Plywood
•  Hardwood
•  Acrylic
•  Polypropylene
•  Polycarbonate
•  Nylon
•  LDPE / HDPE (Low-density Polyethylene / High-density Polyethylene)
•  HIPS (High impact Polystyrene)
•  Paper or card
•  Leather
•  Rubber
•  Bamboo

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